Our Process

Exceptional life insurance support services for independent wealth managers.

Exceptional life insurance support services for independent wealth managers.

Step 1

Gather all medical and financial underwriting data.

Step 2

Review and clarify the data as needed. One of Stonegate Brokerage’s in-house underwriters reviews and summarizes all medical and financial records from the point of view of a carrier underwriter. The entire medical file is summarized by impairment in chronological order so that the carrier can evaluate the case quickly and accurately. We also interface with the Wealth Management Advisor, the client’s other advisors and attending physicians as needed to clarify or obtain additional information. Stonegate’ s in house underwriters provide an anticipated underwriting estimate based on the published guidelines of the respective carriers and reinsurance company manuals.

Step 3

The Wealth Management Advisor reviews the summary of the medical history with the client to verify its accuracy. It is surprising how often medical records are mixed up between patients in the physician’s office. At least one time out of ten, a client identifies a piece of medical history that is inaccurate. It is much easier to present the case accurately the first time then it is to correct the information after the fact. You never have a second chance to make a first impression with an underwriter! Stonegate works to make the case to be as accurate as possible with no unanswered questions and free of any vague or unclear information which might cause a hectic underwriter to pause and dig deeper than they might otherwise be inclined to do.

Step 4

The client’s name is removed from the summary and submitted to multiple carriers to obtain a “blind” offer. This is a vital step in protecting an affluent or super affluent client’s privacy. Many Brokerage General Agencies short circuit the process and simply send full medical records, which are often not reviewed, to 10,15 or even 20 carriers. It is very likely that someone at one of those carriers will know the client or will know someone that knows the client. It is very important to limit the number of carriers who review full records with all of a client’s private and personal medical information.

Step 5

A summary report of every carrier who reviewed the blind medical summary and their response is prepared for the Wealth Management Advisor and his client. Full transparency is provided.

Step 6

Product illustrations are run for every carrier in the market to identify the product offering the lowest cost per million of coverage in consideration of the financial ratings of each carrier.

Step 7

The Wealth Management Advisor reviews the blind offer summary and the carrier premium cost and financial ratings with the client and agree on which carrier/s should receive full records in order to obtain a formal underwriting offer. At this stage it is advisable for the client to also obtain a medical exam for the carrier(s) who will be reviewing records. Under no  circumstances should a formal application be submitted. Under no circumstances should a treadmill stress test be submitted at this time.

Step 8

Formal offers are reviewed for additional requirements or to determine if they are “conditional” offers. Stonegate’s staff tracks down additional requirements available from the Wealth Management Advisor, CPA, Attorney or the client’s attending physician and resubmit the missing information to obtain as firm an offer as is reasonably possible without a formal application.

Step 9

The Wealth Management Advisor reviews the final underwriting offers and product strategy options available to the client and identifies the carrier/s and strategies that they prefer to consider.

Step 10

Stonegate contacts the chief underwriter at each company identified as a finalist to ask them to review the offer to confirm a best possible offer, to negotiate the subjective factors of the case and to negotiate any remaining requirements.

Step 11

Stonegate reruns illustrations based on the final underwriting offers and presents them to the senior management of the competing carriers and asks for product and/or pricing concessions.

Step 12

The Wealth Management Advisor presents the final offers from the carriers, takes a formal application from the client and returns it to Stonegate for submission to the carrier with the winning bid.




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