Privacy Protection

Many general agencies will send a full medical file to dozens of carriers as their shopping process without adequately detailing and correcting the medical and financial records, which may create huge privacy concerns for your client. Stonegate sends a blind summary of the data to test the market for your client’s case. No personal information to identify your client is released without your client’s express permission, and it is only released to those carriers you and your client deem worthy finalists in the process. You can assure your clients that their personal data remains their personal data when you partner with Stonegate Brokerage.

While all producers will encourage clients to ‘shop’ the market, most of them will collect your client’s medical records, copy them, and distribute them to the top 20 carriers. Unfortunately, during the underwriting process, as many as 5 people may access that information, leaving 100 strangers out there with your client’s personal medical details. As an involved member of their community and their name on the new hospital wing, the high school stadium scoreboard, and the college dormitory, plus insurance carriers employing teams from all around the country, the chance of your client’s privacy being compromised through gossip is just too high. That’s why the Stonegate unique process is so unparalleled.