Private Underwriting

Stonegate Brokerage’s in-house underwriters collect, review, and summarize your client’s medical and financial records—all from the point of view of an insurance carrier. Our professional team interfaces with all advisors and physicians as needed to clarify or obtain additional information. As you know, medical record errors happen frequently, and presenting a case accurately the first time is critical. Our team’s due diligence assures that the carrier’s underwriter won’t have unanswered questions due to vague or unclear information.

Stonegate’ s platform is designed to perform a relatively small number of large premium transactions. As a member of the largest Life Insurance Distribution channel in the country, Advantage Insurance Network (AIN) with over $400 million of annual production, we have assigned underwriters at most carriers and enjoy access to the top levels of executive management. Our reputation for operating with integrity, transparency, efficiency, and professionalism with these companies is a huge asset to your clients.